Friday, January 9, 2009

PB Vote Thresholds. "Oh yes, Cherniak, yes, yes!"

Starting at 8:30 pm. I checked how long blogs that achieved different minimum thresholds would stay posted on the Progressive Bloggers homepage in the main section. Here are the results:


0) 1 h 03 min
1) 1 h 07 min
2) 1 h 52 min
3) 2 h 04 min*
4) 3 h 03 min
5) 4 h 07 min
6) 4 h 10 min
7) 7 h 54 min**
8) 5 h 47 min
9) 6 h 57 min
10) 6 h 57 min

* PB default

** I can't figure this duration. It doesn't follow the pattern. I double checked it.

I am wondering if Progressive Bloggers needs to change the threshold setting.

I added Cherniak in my title to see if I can get extra votes.


Oxford County Liberals said...

The default threshold setting (3 votes) has nothing to do with a blogpost's length on the front page at Prog. Yes, they have to get those votes to get to the frontpage, but timestamps are the most important factor.

As newer blogposts get sent into the system, and if they get enough votes to qualify (which is 3), then all other posts get pushed down, no matter what. This was set up this way by Wayne, when he was admin, so we wouldnt have posts with high vote counts hanging around on the front page unable to be entrenched by newer blogposts. This was deemed the way to solve that.

As for your anamoly blogpost, was it a Blogger blogpost? Because if it was, Prog Blog's feed reader has a glitch in it that for some reason will push old Blogger blogposts back onto the system as "new" if the author of the blogpost suddenly decides to edit or modify or add to a blogpost that's already been posted, no matter if the original blogpost's date and time havent been changed.

If something like that occurs, that might explain the duraiton and length of a blogpost with a lot of votes being on the frontpage, if the blog is a Blogger one, and the person puts up 3 or 4 updates to it. This is only a Blogger issue.. Our feed reader does not have this same glitch with Wordpress blogs and other blog platforms who also happen to update their blogposts.

That glitch will be corrected with the new Prog Blog getting released.

Skinny Dipper said...

Thanks for the reply, Scott.

Originally, when I joined PB, the default setting was set at 2 votes. As PB became more popular, the default setting was set to 3 so that good blogposts could remain on the main section of the homepage for a longer duration. Lately, I've noticed that good blogs are only getting about 2 to 3 hours of posting in the main section before they are relegated to the right side or posted on the affiliates page. May I suggest to you and the moderators that PB increase the minimum threshold to 4? Also, may I also suggest that with the new design, more posts can be displayed in the main section? Right now, it looks set at 20. Blogging Tories looks set at about 40. I don't suggest 40. Twenty-five or 30 will do.

Any way, all the best.

Anonymous said...

this seems to be an in-joke. i've noticed references to cherniak (he runs libblogs?) elsewhere in the last couple of days. i'm obviously out of the loop, but perhaps better so? i had no idea how what goes where works at all. thanks for the explanation, scott.

Anonymous said...

"i'm obviously out of the loop, but perhaps better so?"

lol, good instincts. Was actually curious if you saw my last comment at The Mound of Sound, Skinny Dipper... since your comment actually appeared to be thoughtful.

Skinny Dipper said...

I'll check for it.