Monday, January 12, 2009

Recommended reading: Samson Blinded

I found a downloadable book called Samson Blinded by an Israeli writer with the nom-de-plume, Obadiah Shoher, a politician.* He seems very hawkish when writing about the Israelis, Arab-Israelis, and Arabs in general. In his psyche, the Palestinians are a non-nation who like the Arab-Israelis should be forced out of a greater Israel. He makes Mark Steyn look like a caring liberal.

Here is a sample of Shoher's writing:

Short of driving the Israeli Arabs out, Israel should withdraw their political franchise. Following the Torah’s lead—of cursing idolaters to the fourth generation—Israel should enfranchise Arabs only after four generations of demonstrated loyalty and revoke the franchise the minute Arab loyalty comes into question.

I just read that two political parties representing Arab-Israelis have been banned from running their lists of candidates in the upcoming Israeli general election. The Central Election Committee voted to ban the United Arab List--Ta'al and Balad. These two parties have been accused of supporting terrorism according to the CEC.

Samson Blinded is written apparently by an Israeli hardliner. While many Israelis may not share all "Shoher's" viewpoints, enough of them might share some of them. I recommend everyone read this book. Progressive minded people won't like it. This book is available for download.

*Not verified

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