Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's time to drink some liquid Ajax down my anti-Semitic throat

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Thanks to an anonymous commenter who decided to leave me this kind message (I left out his name and family affiliations):

What about the Jews of Iran,Syria? You are a bastard!

Skip,or Skinny1,or Skinny Dipper-you are a punk and a vile prick!

Here's my menu for you Skinny Dipper:

Soup of the day: cream of raccooon and moles in Ajax and milk of Magnesia with garlic scented moose piss!!

Salad: Pokeweed and ergot,with mice droppings in bear crap with munchee cheese and arsenic!!

Dinner: pan fried roasted wolverine and marmot with skunk cabbage and stuffed with rancid Kommodo dragon crapula!

Dessert: 400 pound Bengal Tiger and Tasmanian Devil pie,with chokecherries and chocolate flavored Elder Berries! Wine: Canada Moonseed and TNT! Unholy BASTARD!

The commenter did decide to delete this comment and offer me a more subdued one.  I wished him an enjoyable Sabbath today.