Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strong enough for Bernier, but made for Couillard

Here's a link to a 1980's television commercial that shows why a woman has her own Secret. Bernier didn't need to show his secret; Couillard had her own.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Make Second September "Stand Up Against Bullying Day"

Last year, the government of Nova Scotia decided to make the second Thursday at the start of each school year Stand Up Against Bullying Day after hearing about students who wore pink to support one of their male classmates who wore pink to school one day and was bullied by other students.

In Ontario, the second Thursday of the school year occurs on the second Thursday after Labour Day. This year, September 11 will be the date that students can take part in anti-bullying activities at their schools. Wearing pink by both boys and girls is one symbolic step that students can take to stop or at least reduce bullying among their peers. I encourage all elementary and secondary schools to take part in their own Stand Up Against Bullying Day on September 11. Each school can create activities for different grades that focus on one or more aspects of bullying.

Bullies, the bullied, and bystanders come in all shapes and sizes. They are your enemies; they are even your friends.

Wear pink on Stand Up Against Bullying Day this September 11.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, Henry! The price of gas has gone up again!

As I look out my window, I see that the price of gas is now C$1.25 per litre. That's about $1.25 in Yankee pesos. I'm really upset! Why? In the 1970's when Canada went from imperial to metric measurements, the price of gas was 20 cents per litre. Now, it's $1.25. The price of a chocolate bar was 20 cents. Then, it went to 25 cents plus two cents tax. It became impossible for me to buy four chocolate bars with my one dollar per week allowance. Now, a chocolate bar is about $1.25 plus 16 cents tax. That's $1.41 to stick an Oh Henry in my my mouth and out my a**!

Let's see:

  • Gas/Petrol: 20 cents per litre
  • Chocolate bar: 20 cents


  • Gas/Petrol: $1.25 per litre
  • Chocolate bar: $1.41

The Willy Wonka cartel is really screwing over the consumer.