Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, Henry! The price of gas has gone up again!

As I look out my window, I see that the price of gas is now C$1.25 per litre. That's about $1.25 in Yankee pesos. I'm really upset! Why? In the 1970's when Canada went from imperial to metric measurements, the price of gas was 20 cents per litre. Now, it's $1.25. The price of a chocolate bar was 20 cents. Then, it went to 25 cents plus two cents tax. It became impossible for me to buy four chocolate bars with my one dollar per week allowance. Now, a chocolate bar is about $1.25 plus 16 cents tax. That's $1.41 to stick an Oh Henry in my my mouth and out my a**!

Let's see:

  • Gas/Petrol: 20 cents per litre
  • Chocolate bar: 20 cents


  • Gas/Petrol: $1.25 per litre
  • Chocolate bar: $1.41

The Willy Wonka cartel is really screwing over the consumer.


runiteking1 said...

Hey! Look, we have the same problems here in the south!

Added to blogroll.


Greg said...

2 major points.

1) Gas is still made of gasoline whereas chocolate bars have a lot less chocolate and a lot more cheap crap in them. Bars of real chocolate (Lindt 85%) are actually quite a bit more expensive.

2) Um, well, the price of oil and we're running out. But I can't make that funny no matter how I say it.