Monday, April 9, 2012

Progressive Bloggers: abortion-'bortion, what's that contortion?

I do enjoy reading the differerent blog posts on the Progessive Bloggers aggregate.  There are a diversity of opinions expressed by bloggers who post under the progressive label.  Bloggers include Liberals, NDPers, non-aligned social democrats, perhaps a socio-path or two, former Progressive Conservatives, current Greens, and the occasional Marxist-Leninist.  I do not expect everyone to agree on everything.  If we did, then the Progressive Bloggers site would be truly boring.

The people who post on PB hold a range of opinions on issues such as abortion rights, the Alberta Tar/Oil Sands, the environment, unite-the-progressives, proportional representation, and Israel.  I have even expressed a view or two about Quebec that makes Preston Manning seem like St. Poutine compared to me.

If people disagree with a blogger, then comment on his/her post.  If that blogger does not allow comments or if their moderation settings are too high, then reply with your own blog post.  If people are really insulted by what others state in their blogs, then ignore them.  I stopped going to the Blogging Tories website because I thought its bloggers' posts were way too asinine.  Why should I give the Blogging Tories' bloggers attention?

Feel free to comment or report me to the commentariat.  Ignore me if you wish.  Enjoy your day!