Monday, April 9, 2012

Progressive Bloggers: abortion-'bortion, what's that contortion?

I do enjoy reading the differerent blog posts on the Progessive Bloggers aggregate.  There are a diversity of opinions expressed by bloggers who post under the progressive label.  Bloggers include Liberals, NDPers, non-aligned social democrats, perhaps a socio-path or two, former Progressive Conservatives, current Greens, and the occasional Marxist-Leninist.  I do not expect everyone to agree on everything.  If we did, then the Progressive Bloggers site would be truly boring.

The people who post on PB hold a range of opinions on issues such as abortion rights, the Alberta Tar/Oil Sands, the environment, unite-the-progressives, proportional representation, and Israel.  I have even expressed a view or two about Quebec that makes Preston Manning seem like St. Poutine compared to me.

If people disagree with a blogger, then comment on his/her post.  If that blogger does not allow comments or if their moderation settings are too high, then reply with your own blog post.  If people are really insulted by what others state in their blogs, then ignore them.  I stopped going to the Blogging Tories website because I thought its bloggers' posts were way too asinine.  Why should I give the Blogging Tories' bloggers attention?

Feel free to comment or report me to the commentariat.  Ignore me if you wish.  Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

If anyone believes the reaction to the pro-abortion debate bloggers is over the top, then they should think about this. For the past 24 years, Canada has shown the world that you do not need an abortion law to regulate flighty women and evil doctors. Abortion is a medical procedure, regulated by recognized standards of care like any any other medical procedure. We have shown the world that the rate of abortion did not sky rocket without a law, that late abortions(wanted pregnancies)are rare that women and doctors make good and careful decisions. For anyone who takes the time to figure out how abortion is practiced in
Canada, re-opening "the debate" is nothing more than an attempt to reintroduce control over women and frighten doctors away from providing services. The pro-debate bloggers are voicing uninformed opinions from a male perspective. They have not done any research into the provision of abortion in Canada, or talked to any providers, or women who have had to terminate a pregnancy. They are regurgitating the paranoid assumptions of anti-choice people. They are seemingly okay with changing abortion practice, even though they don't have any in-depth knowledge of how abortion is provided in Canada. Making laws about late-term abortions will not do anything to reduce the need, it will only make it more difficult than it already is to obtain for those who need it. And the consequences will be tragic for women and their families with lethal fetal anomalies. That makes women angry.

Skinny Dipper said...

Thanks Anonymous 10:21 AM for your comment.

To others: I will not reply until the late afternoon.

Skinny Dipper said...

I have a little bit of time to make another comment before I go out.

I will not get into a discussion about who is a good progressive and who is not. If I agree or disagree with someone, I may or may not comment with a reply. I will not tell another person not to speak or write. If I don't like what someone is saying or writing, I can ignore him/her.

timeshare exit said...

To believe that teaching abstinence is making ppl not have sex is not true. The US government tried to focus on teaching abstinence and took money from sex ed to do so but the numbers of teen pregnancies did not go down.