Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scaredy Squirrel Meets Gay Men

My comment posted on The Wingnuterer about A Squirrel Explains Gay Marriage:

 Scaredy Squirrel Meets Gay Men: WHAT TO DO IF TWO GAY MEN WALK BY MY TREE:

Gather nuts.

Hide in tree.

Wait for couple to walk by.

Aim nuts at their nuts.

If they start taking photos of me, play dead.

Keep playing dead. Pretend they don’t exist.

Play dead a little longer until they walk away.


1:00: Gather nuts.

1:05: Hide in tree.

1:10: Wait for couple to walk by.

They stop.

1:15: Aim nuts at their nuts.

Fall out of tree! Oh no!

Play dead. The couple is coming toward me!

1:20: Keep playing dead! Pretend they don’t exist!

1:25: They’re taking photos of me.

Now, they are offering me some [mixed] nuts.

I accept.

They take another photo of me with some nuts stuffed in my mouth.

They smile at me.

I smile back. Or at least I try with my mouth full of nuts.

1:30: They wave good-bye and walk away.

I run back to my tree with my nuts knowing that I will never be afraid of gay men again.

[Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford. could follow Scaredy Squirrel's example.]

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Anonymous said...

Ignorant anti-Jewish hater.
I see that you are on linkedin. Obviously you have a real name. You are still a bigot,and a hater of Jews. The Holocaust was real-6 million Jews perished because of Nazi hatred of all Jews in Europe.
To me,you are nothing but a modern 21st century left wing Canadian version of that anti-semite in Toronto,Goldwin Smith.