Monday, January 5, 2009

Watch out for donation scams on behalf of Gazans or Israelis

I left this comment on Challenging the Commonplace: (Blogpost deleted)

With advice to everyone: be careful about anyone on the web who may ask for donations including credit card numbers on behalf of the Gazans or Israelis. You may lose more than your shirt.
There are legitimate organizations who may want your donations. Do your research before you donate or give your credit card number to anyone.


Challenging the Commonplace has decided to delete the letter from the Anti-Zionist Jewish youth group from their blog. The authenticity of the letter could not be verified. CtC did a good thing. Thank you.


Chrystal Ocean said...

To make it clear, nothing posted on Challenging the Commonplace asked for money or a donation of any kind. The reproduction of an Open Letter in support of Gazans, a letter whose authenticity was in question, has been removed. That letter did NOT ask for money, only that people read and forward it to others, which Daphne and I decided to do.

I suspect the intentions were good, but as Scott indicated in a comment to that (now removed) post and by the result of a google search indicated, the speed with which the letter has gone around the Web might be interpreted as spamming.

Skinny Dipper said...

Thank you, Chrystal.

I did make an added comment that the Open Letter did not ask for any money. I should have stated that in my blog.

I do think that events in Middle East will give people the opportunity take advantage of others financially.

Chrystal Ocean said...

The actual content of the letter was removed several hours ago.

The post, which had been updated to state this, was removed about one hour ago. It had become annoying to have people still clicking the link to that post, one which contained nothing of substance in it but the statement that X had been deleted. :-(

Mod3Live said...

Especially if they addressed from some guy named Madoff.