Saturday, January 3, 2009

NY Times: Australia Says No on Detainees, and Britain Is Reluctant

From the New York Times: Australia Says No on Detainees, and Britain Is Reluctant:

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia said Friday that it would not agree to American requests to accept more detainees from the prison at Guantánamo Bay, and Britain signaled reluctance to take in significant numbers of former inmates, underscoring the difficulties both the departing and incoming administrations in Washington face in trying to close the camp, which has stirred bitter controversy around the world.

The Pentagon, in transferring three Algerian prisoners to Bosnia on Dec. 16, said some 250 inmates remained at Guantánamo. About 60 have been cleared for release but cannot be sent to their home countries, mostly out of concern that they would be tortured or persecuted. They are from countries including Algeria, China, Libya and Tunisia.

If the US government thinks that the detainees/prisoners are good enough for other countries to take for resettlement, why can't the US bring the prisoners to the US mainland for resettlement? The United States created the problem of imprisoning people in Guantanamo; the United States can send those prisoners cleared for release to the mainland (or Hawaii or Alaska).

Canada should not take Guantanamo prisoners cleared for release unless they wish to apply freely to immigrate from the continental US or from another country.

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Mastercheif said...

I agree with you. We should take them and make them all watch reruns of Murder She Wrote until they go into seizure. That'll teach them dirty bastards.