Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Layton, what are you offering me?

Now that Jack Layton has agreed to let Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, into the debates, he can go back to campaigning without the debate-issue distraction.

In my opinion, he had an excellent start in Gatineau across the river from Ottawa. He talked about Canada needing a new kind of strong leader. Everything was going great until the Conservatives got into some pufnstuf and Ms. May was causing mayhem about wanting to get into the debates. Everything Layton said after Gatineau got lost in the news.

Layton needs to define what a new kind of strong leader means for Canada to the point that Canadians will know what he means. He also needs to offer something to the voters that is substantial and personal. He can offer a cleaner environment. However, anyone can offer that. What is something I can sink my teeth into? When I look at Stephen Harper, he is offering a two cent gas decrease on the diesel excise tax for some Canadian workers. Aren't these the same people Jack is trying to reach? How about more money for public transit so that cities can put more and better buses and rapid transit on which people can ride and the remaining automobile drivers can move faster in the 'burbs? How about a tax break or credit on purchasing energy saving devices? For example, a cheaper solar panel or two on a home will help homeowners and the environment.

How will Layton's leadership style be different from Harper's autocratic bullying? What would an NDP government offer Canadian families that has "meat?" I don't want tofu. I'm a political meatitarian.

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