Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canada's leaders Simpsonized

Have a good look at the leaders around the country. You can probably guess who they are.


Anonymous said...

Is Muntean giving Harper Ms Clairol or something? His hair is pretty grey now.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise, nice job!

Skinny Dipper said...

I did have each leader go through the Simponizer. Then, I modified some of their hairstyles, hair colour, eyes, and clothing as best I could. I was able to choose from different backgrounds. However, I could not change the content in those backgrounds. For example, I could not change the American flag in Stéphane Dion's picture.

Harper's campaign is a movie set to which the public does not have access.

Dion loves his schools.

I had Duceppe in a letter carrier outfit because he complains about Canada while receiving his pay cheque from Canadians.

Zero carb May is in a nu-cu-lar power plant with Dion's dog, Kyoto. Of course, Kyoto represents Dion sniffing/kissing May's butt. I think that's Harper's cat in the picture. You know she's going to damn well kick that cat.

Prime Minister Layton is wearing his imperial garb. Not only that, he sells Jack pot at his kingdom's Kwik-E-Mart Hemporium. Where's Otto? I don't mean Jelinek.

runiteking1 said...

Anything like this for the American candidates?


Skinny Dipper said...

I'll probably do some for the American candidates and the one Alaskan candidate after the Canadian election.