Friday, September 5, 2008

Afghanistan: we do have a fixed exit date

As I read Richard Gwyn's column in the Toronto Star, he mentions the following:

"Afghanistan is our war also, and evermore costly in terms of our blood, but
we do have an exit date."

Yes, the NATO mission will end in 2011. Canada's mission will end in February 2009.

Let's be thankful to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Canada has a fixed exit date. He will surely respect it if the Conservatives form the government again after the election.


susansmith said...

I read that burst out laughing - sure we have a fixed exit date. But voting for either "dumb and dumber" will just get - you guessed it - an extension of the fixed exit date.

The 2 Steves have been covering each others back for the past 18 months, so extension with either one in leader position will mean "more of the same". And this applies beyond "the war."

Skinny Dipper said...

Hi Jan from the Bruce,

I'm looking forward to the federal election in October 2009.