Monday, January 4, 2010

Why oh why would the Toronto Star want this loonie rightie writing for them?

Today was the first time I’ve time I read one of the Toronto Star’s newest contributors and I gave my head a sad shake. (see column here)

Ezra Levant, known as Ezzy to the on-line blogger community,  is now getting his anti-Ignatieff/Liberal ramblings published in the only decent newspaper in Canada and you have to wonder what editorial page editor Ian Urquhart is thinking. Is this his way of trying to make the paper diverse? Well, we already have future conservative fascist wacko extremist Antonia Zerbisias for that, so I’m thinking this is just an attempt at trying to inject some controversy and reactions from readers such as me.

If that’s the case, Urquhart is playing with fire…

Update: Say "No" to my plagarism.


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The Toronto Star had Guy Giorno writing for its Sunday edition in 1999 and 2000.

Giorno was, at that time, working in Premier Mike Harris' office.
Now he works for Harper.

Maybe the Star wants some type of balance by asking someone from the right to contribute.

Did you notice I didn't use the phrase Prime Minister? It's because we don't have a real one until we get rid of the Regent and Grand Poo-Bah Harper.