Sunday, January 3, 2010

New site:

Hi fellow bloggers,

I just placed my blogsite on Top Blogs: Canada's Best Blogs.  So far, I am number five in the rankings.  Then again, there are only six blogs listed so far.  Top Blogs was created by one of the volunteers with the Canadian Blog Awards.

The rankings for Top Blogs are based upon  ranking is based on pageviews on your own blog. Everytime someone visits your blog, you get a point.

I do hope that bloggers will participate.  There are the following categories: general, art,journalism, professional, GLBT, French, humour, pop culture, culture and literature, politics, personal, religion & philosophy, sports, and science & technology.

I encourage you to join.


fern hill said...

I went there and couldn't figure out how to vote. Am I being extraordinarily dense today?

Skinny Dipper said...

You do have to register your blogsite first. When you do that, you will get a lengthy code to put on your own site. Note that you can only vote on the star ratings (1-5). The blog rankings are based on the number of clicks that one receives on one's own site. I am not the one who created this site. If you do have any further questions and can't contact the person running the site, contact the Canadian Blog Awards site.

fern hill said...

Thanks. We at DAMMIT JANET are kinda bloggers non grata with the CBA, so I hope I can figger it out myself.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Looks the same as Canadian Blogosphere site. Is Top Blogs intended to replace that one? And how does one manage to list more than one blog?

rww said...

Wish there was more information about the site on the site itself.

Skinny Dipper said...

Hi Chrystal,

I'm only a messenger, but I don't believe that is meant to replace any other blogsite.

I do believe you can list more than one blog by inputting the different blog addresses. However, I think you can only place a blog in one category.

To fern hill and everyone else,

I did volunteer with the CBA's this year. However, I kept my focus with the administration of two of the categories. I'm not aware of all the politics, but I do hope that if people have suggestions, they can make comments or email the Canadian Blog Awards.

I will email the person running the site to see if an email contact can be listed.


Skinny Dipper said...

If you have any further questions, email