Monday, January 4, 2010

Musings of the Technical Bard: On the danger of Islamist terror

After reading a Blogging Tory blog post about profiling, here is my comment:
I would be willing to profile terrorists if that is what we must do. However, I would not be willing to profile Muslims for I, too, am a Muslim.

“[King] Christian [of Denmark] remarked that if the German administration tried to introduce the symbol of the Star of David in Denmark, ‘perhaps then we should all wear it.’”
Update from the Jerusalem Post:
An overstretched army, supported by a weary home front, against an ill-defined enemy, does not offer a viable strategy for success. Better to tell people that the enemy is radical Islam, which wants to spread its religion using the sword, and that defeat would mean an end to Western values of pluralism, minority rights and democracy.
Thank goodness Stephen Harper is supporting democracy by asking the governor-general to shut down Canada's so-called democratic parliament.

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