Monday, October 20, 2008

U.S. presidential and V.P. candidates are Simpsonized

Here are the U.S. presidential and V.P. candidates Simpsonized:

Barack Obama: Students see this kool teacher coming into the classroom. Will the teacher turn into a son-of-a-bitch once the students start misbehaving?

John McCain: He can get krusty at times.

Joe Biden: Going fishing unless Barack gets into trouble. Remember to bring the cell phone. Unfortunately, it won't work on No Response Lake. Let's hope the fishing is good.

Sarah Palin: She's getting ready in case she needs to run the whole dang thing. I think she needs to get Hyderized.

1 comment:

runiteking1 said...

I can't stop laughing :D

Thank YOU!!!

btw: I guess the Marxist chess author drew it after the revolution...