Monday, October 20, 2008

Abbotsford Pride Parade?

Slap Upside the Head has a blogpost about high school students wanting to have a Pride parade in Abbotsford, British Columbia because their local school board decided to turf a social justice course over gay content. They are getting opposition from some of the locals.

Personally, I would recommend a snake parade--No, not with real snakes. Participants can start at a public park, then link hands and arms as they snake their way throughout Abbotsford.

Here's some inspirational thoughts:

H/T: Slap Upside the Head

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Chrystal Ocean said...

Have looked at the course outline and am impressed. Am also proud that my book, Policies of Exclusion, Poverty and Health is on the Recommended list for the course.

That Abbotsford bowed to Neanderthal pressure doesn't surprise this BCer. (Hm, perhaps I'm guilty of unjustly insulting Neanderthals there?)

Anyway, that community has done similar things in the past, such as banning BC Ministry of Ed approved books in school libraries. Doesn't make it right of course.

In one way, I prefer having as many of those idiots living in one clearly identified space; let them rot from the inside. Must be highly unpleasant and embarrassing for the sane progressive residents among them, though.