Sunday, August 17, 2008

Re: Bouquets of Gray: more astroturfing for Christ (perhaps 37 or 36?)

Bouquets of Gray did some investigating on three Christian organizations that demand that Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin be dismissed. Bouquets found that three of the organizations share the same address and phone number making one to conclude that all three one in the same:

Canada Christian College
Evangelical Association
Institute for Canadian Values.

Since Bouquets of Gray does not have the comment section activated, I will leave my short comment here:
  • That's what I call a holey trinity!


Patrick Ross said...

If they were wise, they would just leave the whole Henry Morgentaler thing alone.

The facts, I think are fairly simple: Canadians are more than comfortable with legal abortion. Canadians clearly aren't comfortable with the status quo vis a vis abortion, but re-criminalizing abortion is clearly off the table, as it should be.

Trying to have Morgentaler's OoC revoked as some sort of demonstration of non-existent anti-abortion sentiment in Canada is a fool's crusade.

Rebecca said...


Rain is falling all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrella here,
And on the ships at sea. 。

-------- by aoc powerlevewling