Friday, August 1, 2008

Chinese close DVD shops for the Olympics (in Toronto)

The Chinese government has ordered pirate DVD shops in Beijing to close from now until the end of the Olympic games. It doesn't look good if westerners see pirated DVD's being sold. However, I wonder if the Chinese government is extending its control beyond its borders when I see owners of a bunch of Toronto Chinese DVD shops close in midday, all at the same time, in a suburban shopping mall. About ten stores closed at the same time. Hmm.

I love Chinese shopping malls in Toronto. One mall has shops along corridors named mostly after lucky numerical streets. There's 8th Street, 18th Street, 28th Street, and Pirate Avenue. White people love Pirate Avenue. Ten DVD's for $20. Without Pirate Avenue, white people wouldn't bother going into a North American Chinese shopping mall. It's bad enough trying to get into the parking lot. It's worse trying to get out. The Chinese haven't figured out the Feng Shui of parking.

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