Sunday, August 15, 2010

Persichilli: Prime Minister aims to give his caucus more influence

...or less.

Prime Minister Harper wants to have six Conservative MPs and three senators assigned to each cabinet minister for consultations on future bills.  While this may appear to be an improvement in democracy, this takes away from each cabinet minister and Conservative MP to consult with each other.  Under Harper's proposal, I will assume that Harper will appoint the MPs and senators to sit on each committee.  Essentially, a Conservative expert on the environment (sounds like an oxymoron) may be appointed by Harper to work under a cabinet minister responsible for transport or veterans affairs.  That MP or senator won't be able to consult with any cabinet minister of his or her choice.  I also wonder if this is a way to lessen any influence of parliamentary committees by having Conservative only consultative bodies which will probably be a one-way monologue from the Prime Minster to the cabinet ministers and then to the Conservative MPs and senators.

Toronto Star: Persichilli: Prime Minister aims to give his caucus more influence

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ck said...

John Baird the pit-bull has new purpose in life.

Also, that little campfire set at Steve's place; somebody has to make sure ol' Stock stops playing with matches and lighters in the city.

It may well go unreported though; no, wait a minute! It was reported! Shucks! A new candidate for that prison Chez Steve! Now he will be sentenced to wearing baby blue sweater vests!!

As for ol' Tony Clement, well, he's proving ever the good flunkie, so somebody needs to oversee him. I hear Lurch, the Adams' family old butler is looking for work.