Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is Alabama. Wonly giving that test in English

Tim James, Alabama Republican nomination candidate in his own words (You Tube):

From Rumisouth at YouTube: Dear God: please, oh please let Tim James win the Republican nomination for [Alabama] governor in 2010.

If you need hilp (sic) with the translation:

Tim James: "Why do our politicians make us git (sic) driver's licenses in twelve different languages?  This is Alabama.  We speak English.  If you wanna (sic) live here, learn it.  Wonly (sic) giving that test in English...It makes sense.  Does it tyew (sic)?"
Perhaps 'Labama nids a draver's lassense tist in Redneck.


I don't think Tim James would want foreigners such as these dravin' on the roads of Alabama. They drav like commies from an ex-Soviet republic.


LeDaro has a blogpost about this topic:


LeDaro said...

LoL, hilarious. Good one, SD. Thanks for the link.

Skinny Dipper said...

I think the Tea Party supporters are afraid that Alabama will be renamed Allahbama, Ali-bama, or Al-Obama. Personally, I'm in favour of Al-lambada.

LeDaro said...

I like Allahbama. That should cause exodus of current inhabitants there.