Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrate Whoop-Up Days with Harper: help define what it is

The Harper Conservative régime refuses to provide funding for the Toronto Pride Week event through the 2010 Marquee Tourism Events Program.  The government is also not funding any other Pride event across the country.  The Harperites are funding Whoop-up Days which are taking place in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Here is my challenge to readers: describe in your own words what Whoop-up Days is/are.  No cheating!  No, you may not do an internet search before commenting.  I want to read original comments.

I think Whoop-up Days is a celebration of beautiful bosoms.  The climax of the festival is the annual milk-off!  Whichever femme can squeeze the most milk out is crowned "Queen Whoop-up."  Note that femmes need not be human.  There's the usual square dancin' music, horseshoe competition, and steak-off. No vegetarians are allowed.

Please provide your thoughts about Whoop-up Days.

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