Thursday, March 11, 2010

Message to Ontario NDPers: do not be an activist within the party

Do you care about the Middle East or want the Catholic and public schools systems to combine?  If you are a member of the Ontario NDP, do not bring these ideas to the party.  If you support other causes, your concerns may not get heard in Andrea Horwath's party (unless she gives approval).

In about a year and a half, Ontario will be having an election.  I think the hidden message that Ms. Horwath has sent to her party members and supporters is that she will be setting the party's agenda--not the activists.

NDP divided over Mideast, schools

New Democratic leader urges MPPs not to attend debate on cutting funding for Catholic education


Ian said...

Very disappointing. I find NDP members tend to be very reasonable and in support of both a fair dialogue with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian issues and moving toward a one-school-system network.

Actually, I think polls consistently show that most Canadians, across party lines, tend to favour both of those positions. Now, how do we get our leaders and the people in power to listen to us?

This country was at one point a democracy, right?

Ontario NDP said...

Democracy has been taken out of the NDP by Andrea Horwath and her cronies.

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