Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Israel = Apartheid: your thoughts

Dear fellow bloggers and commenters,

I have some questions for anyone to answer:

Why do people feel offended when others equate Israel with apartheid?

Do people feel offended because equating Israel with apartheid is false?

Do people feel offended because equating Israel with apartheid is true?

Are there other reasons?

Feel free to comment.


Jae/Jennie said...

Because South African apartheid is pretty universally condemned throughout the world, and because the country eventually had to give it up in order to get other countries to lift disabling sanctions against them. That's my guess.

P.S. 'apartheid' actually just means 'distinctness' in Afrikaans, interestingly. *g*

Skinny Dipper said...

Thanks for commenting, Jae/Jennie.

Tupper said...

If you even suggest Israel and apartheid in the same sentence then you have no understanding of what either is and you've blindly and foolishly bought into the liberal/left media spin (so typical). There is no more apartheid-style of government in Israel than there is anywhere else: sure there are citizens treated better than others, but we have that here (in Canada) in the US . . . pretty much everywhere. Is it government sanctioned? for sure! In Israel, how can you maintain a secure life for Israeli citizens without imposing restrictions on those who would interfere with said security. If Quebec started running rampant with terrorists, would we not be justified in containing their forays into Canada. It's only common sense. The so-called Palestinians (an invented, artifical "race" I might add) seek, politically, as a group to destroy the state of Israel . . . is not Israel correct to protect itself?