Monday, November 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance India with Stephen Harpuur

Toronto Star's Rick Westhead writes an article about Stephen Harper's trip to India:

For Harper, the visit may have to do less with new trade deals or warmed relations than with building ties to Indo-Canadian voters before the next election.

So rather than strategizing on new bilateral investment with India's Ambani brothers, the Prime Minister will travel to the Golden Temple in Amritsar – the holiest shrine in the Sikh faith – and meet with Hindi film star Akshay Kumar, a torchbearer for the Vancouver Olympics.

"By and large the Canadian Indian population has voted Liberal, but there's been an effort by this government to make Indo-Canadians feel connected," said a former Canadian diplomat, suggesting Harper aims to continue that effort with this trip.
The prime minister's trip isn't about improving trade ties between Canada and India; it's to increase votes for Stephen Harper's Conservative Party.  This is a brilliant strategy.  I encourage Harper to go on more trips in order to attract Canadian voters from different backgrounds.  Harper can to go to Paris in order get votes from French-Canadians.  A plane ride to Warsaw will secure the Polish-Canadian vote.  A couple of sidetrips to Stettin and Breslau will make him sehr-popular with our German-Canadian friends.
Vielen Gl├╝ck Herr Harper!


Canadian life insurance company said...

Nicely put, I really like your suggestions, they made me laugh. Thanks. Yeah, his trip is obviously about getting more votes. I guess everything Harper has been doing lately is about that. Unfortunately.


bath mate said...

Dancing is worst