Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stopping the Internet Repooooooooooorn Party!

My comment for this blog:

I suspect Conservative MPP Gerry Martiniuk added the schools to his anti-porn Internet safety crusade because stopping library porn alone won't get the public interested. By adding schools, he can gain more support for his anti-porn bill. Also, he must know already that most school boards in Ontario already have filtering software to prevent students and staff from viewing pornographic and other so-called unacceptable sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail, Twitter, MySpace, and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. I tried the last one myself. I can't get on this site at any school where I teach. I have even been prevented from seeing some Toronto Star articles because naughty words have appeared in them. I did get blocked out of a Vatican web page for some reason. OMG, I didn't know why. Jesus Christ!


Skinny Dipper said...

I forgot to mention that many school boards block out the "Rate My Teacher" website.

bath mate said...

hale is waiting