Sunday, September 13, 2009

If Canadians vote this fall,...

...I will be supporting the Bloc Québécois.

First and foremost, I support proportional representation. I do not wish to see either the Conservative or Liberal Party form a majority government with a minority of the votes. One way to prevent this is by supporting the Bloc which can win a lot of seats with a high concentration of votes in Quebec. Since I do not live in Quebec, I cannot vote for the Bloc. I can donate money which can either be a big or small amount. I can place a Bloc logo on my blog. I can encourage my friends living in Quebec to vote for the Bloc.

I won't be voting in the next federal election because we do not have proportional representation. I do encourage Quebeckers to vote for the Bloc.

No to bogus majority governments.

Screw the antiquated First-Past-the-Post voting system.


Christian said...

What makes you think a majority government is even a possibility?

Ian said...

You could also vote NDP or Green - both of whom claim to support PR.

Skinny Dipper said...

To Christian, the both the Conservatives and Liberals need to win some seats in order to get a majority. Technically, it would be possible to win a majority without winning seats in Quebec (or winning very few seats). It would be probable that neither the Conservatives nor Liberals could win a majority without some support from Quebec.

To Ian,

I don't live in an area that has decent NDP support. Also, the Green "belt" is very weak. It's a wasted vote.

Wilf Day said...

Good thought. However, the Bloc does well enough already, and they support proportional representation -- AFTER Quebec is independent. In 2008 it took 86,203 federalist voters to elect one Quebec MP, but only 28,163 Bloc voters. I would suggest you donate to campaigns of NDP and other candidates who can win and who support PR. (Other? Well, there are a few Liberals in places like Calgary and Quebec who support PR, plus the stalwart Carolyn Bennett, so you could promise to donate to them if they will come out. Same with any remaining democratic reformers you can find in the Conservative Party -- and there are some, rather quiet lately.)

Wilf Day said...

I should have specifically mentioned the stalwart Conservative democratic reformer Patrick Boyer, who was far from quiet on the topic when running against Ignatieff last year.

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