Monday, July 13, 2009

Canada imposes visa requirements on Czech and Mexican citizens

Starting at 12 midnight, the Canadian government will be imposing visas on citizens of the Czech Republic and Mexico. Wasn't there a country 20 years ago called Mexoslovakia? Just kidding. Canada will be requiring visas because these two countries are the two highest for refugee claimants in Canada. I do know that most claimants from the Czech Republic are from the minority Roma community.

While I can speak about Mexico, I have travelled to the Czech Republic. I think it's a great country. I have been in Prague/Praha and the smaller cities such as Cesky Tesin, Hradec Karlove, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, and Cheb. The last city has lots of prostitutes who are mostly Roma. The other cities are very beautiful; the people are reserved but nice.

I just hope that the Czech Republic or the European Union countries do not slap visa requirements on Canadians. I don't think Mexico will impose visa requirements on Canadians. It needs our tourist dollars.
Top photo: Zittau, Germany on far side of the Neisse River. Czech Republic on front left side of ditch. Poland on the right.
Middle photo: Jirikov, Czech Republic on other side of gate. Not seen: Ebersbach, Germany. Watch out for the cigarette cops when returning to Germany.
Lower photo: Evil Italian border guard chickens in Gorizia, Italy. They scratch, then ask questions. Photo taken on the Slovenian side of the fence in Nova Gorica. I thought I would throw in this photo for fun.


Anonymous said...

Why exactly do Canadians hate the Roma people? They are hard-working, highly-educated, and deserve better than being citizens of some phony EU. Shame on Canada!

Skinny Dipper said...

Personally, I think you are trying to be funny.

toronto realtor said...

The new visa policy is quite understandable, if we look at how many people from Czech republic and Mexico come to Canada each year. However, PM Harper recently said that he wants to cooperate with the EU more (in trade). And well, Czech republic is an EU member state, so requiring visa from its citizens might not have been a wise step. Regards, Elli.

Anonymous said...

I think Canada suck! It should be more open minded. Anyway who wants to go to Canada where poverty around the corner... I mean if it so great why is the people are living in the streets??