Friday, June 19, 2009

Thanks Don Newman for your many years in broadcasting

All the best to you, Don, in your retirement. CBC Newsworld's Politics was a great show with you as host. I'm sure Canadians will be seeing you again on the television once in a while.

Thank you, Don.

Skinny Dipper


Michel Bolduc said...

Hello Skinny,

Just wandering around the Canadian portion of the www, being the other solitude that I am. I wasn't acquainted with Don Newman, looked him up in Wikipedia and discovered an important Canadian news anchorman. It's a bit mind boggling to be confronted with your own blatant Canadian ignorance.

Skinny Dipper said...

I think if a well-known Radio-Canada, TVA, or TQS broadcaster retired, most English-Canadians would not know or care about that person. Can I name a current reporter or news anchor? Unfortunately not. It might be different for English-Quebeckers. I don't know. Outside Quebec, the francophone media are foreign. It reminded me several years ago when I used to buy DVDs at HMV and other record or video stores. French language DVDs were placed in the "Foreign" section.

Michel Bolduc said...

That reminds me that when I was a teenager, French-Canadian movies were also placed in the "Foreign" section at my local video store.

Things have changed so drastically since 2001. Telefilm Canada has truly succeeded in making French-Canadian movies compete with American and French movies at the box-office.

At the SAQ, Canadian wines are still in the "other countries" section... perhaps one day.

Anonymous said...

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