Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Queen Vixen Day!

Happy 2-4 and all that other crap!

On this weekend holiday, I am proud to claim that I am a proud monarchist--so long as the king is I.

Prime Minister Stephan Harper complains about Czar Ignatieff being outside Canada for 30 friggin' years. He should complain about that Queen Lizzard Beth for being out for 57 years. That's only counting the years she's been our dairy queen.

Anyway, starting next week, I am going to be your king.

Here's a rap poem I made up. You better like my poem because I will be your tyrant king and chop off your heads if you don't like it.

King Skinny D
Walks down the street,
In his emperor's robe,
as proud as can be.

The people rejoice.
They bow and curtsy to the roy.
From the crowd comes a voice
Of a tiny-little boy.

"King Skinny D,
You're a proud man to be
Showing for all to see
Your free willy, tee hee hee!"

Was the king embarrassed?
Should he run really fast?
No, he knew he was better.
He was a trendsetter.

The people walked with the king.
They threw off everything.
A king must always be cool,
Or else people will see him as a fool.

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