Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woo-hoo! I'm a social libertarian!

H/T: Challenging the Commonplace

Take the test.


Mark Richard Francis said...

I'm about where you are at.

I seemed to have moved more into the SOCIAL quarter compared to a few years back when I took the test.

Chrystal Ocean said...

No surprise to me that we inhabit the same political quadrant. :-)

As I wrote, more and more Canadians are finding themselves unrepresented in a southwestern wilderness.

Rural said...

I also am in that SW corner althought just slightly further north. I find it interesting that all of our polotical partys and their leaders (even those porporting to be left or socialist) are shown to be in the NE!

penlan said...

Whoa! I'm way over to the left, almost off the graph, in the green Libertarian. And low down too. Knew I was almost at anarchist thinking. lol.

Anonymous said...

Your views seem to be identical to mine, excellent. :-)