Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are anti-Semitic slime

"This revised anti-Semitism denies Jews legitimacy to their historic national claims in Palestine, and gives cover for European and Christian anti-Semites crawling out of sewers once more to spread their slime." (Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun, March 21, 2009)

I wonder about the historic national claims by Jews in Palestine. Back in the early 20th century, the Zionists, who wanted their own state in the Middle East, had wanted land that included today's Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan. There were variations on the boundaries of a new Jewish homeland. Some Zionists wanted to extend the new Israel to what is now Kuwait. Zionists were disappointed in 1921 when the British took away what is now Jordan from a future Jewish state. The British took away 3/4 of a future Israel.

I won't suggest that Israel desires to "re-"claim Jordan as part of the Jewish homeland. I do, however, interpret Mr. Mansur's comment that if we do not recognize the Jewish historical claim of Palestine (everything west of the Jordan River), then we can be placed in the same category of anti-Semites as those who support neo-Naziism. If we oppose the Israeli Apartheid wall, then we are anti-Semites. If we oppose the Israeli blockade of Gaza, then we are anti-Semites. If we oppose Israeli control of the Jordan valley west of the Jordan River, then we must be anti-Semites. If we oppose Israel's control over all the land west of the Jordan River, then we must be anti-Semites.


As an afterthought, why do we call ourselves Canadian when most of us are really Anglo-Americans? Why are there Austrians when they are really Germans? Why do some Arabs call themselves Palestinians when they are just Arabs living in the Jewish homeland?


Anonymous said...

Conflating Judaism and Zionism, is he? Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

To Skinny Dipper: You are an offensive and vile anti semite,a hater of Jews and Israel,along with Rowan Kelly and Pilgrim and John Nada! Why don't you read Rabbi Michael Lerner?
My name is Marc Bernstein-my grandfather was a famous Cantor at Beth Tzedec Synagogue,Cantor Akiva Bernstein. My late great uncle,Cantor Pinchas Borenstein,state Cantor at Argentina,died tragically in 1955 after threat of a pogrom at his Synagogue. What about the Jews of Iran,Syria? You are a bastard!
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Poyan Nahrvar said...

I just read the message from Marc Bernstein.

Now that is one hateful crazy S.O.B!