Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your Harper Senate appointment predictions

Apparently, Stephen Harper may go to the Governor-General and ask her to appoint 18 people to the Senate. Who do you think will be on Harper's list? Make your predictions. I'm starting off with David Emmerson, Michael Fortier, Mike Duffy, Craig Oliver, and the Wrath of Khan. I'll also add Lorna Dueck who sometimes writes a guest column for the Globe and Mail and is against abortion. If not her, Harper may choose a couple of other right-wing Christians to please some of his supporters.


Pearce said...

Emerson just got a new job somewheres... But not that he wouldn't give it up for a plum senate appointment.

ADHR said...

5 bucks on Michael Coren.

Patrick Ross said...

Michael Fortier apparently can't win a seat in Parliament. Harper's probably just itching to send him back to the Senate.