Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dang nabbit! I wasn't nominated!

OK, so I am ticked off. Just kidding. I'm pleased to see a lot of quality bloggers nominated in different categories for the Canadian Blog Awards.

If people are disappointed about some of the categories listed or not listed, then they should contact those who are running the competition to see if some of the categories should be changed or added for next year. I do hope that everyone will take this competition seriously, but with a good spirit in mind.

I have voted in most of the categories. If I did not vote in some of the categories, it was because I do not have enough knowledged about some of the particular blogsites. One quick look through the links doesn't make me qualified to judge some of blogs.

Except for the Best Pundit/Professional Commentator Blog, I did not vote for people who make their living in journalism or are common guest panelists on news programs.

I did vote for blogs across the political spectrum--left, centre, and right--in different categories. I do like to vote for good quality blogs, not just those whose bloggers share the same views as I.

I voted for blogs that added something new to the intellectual discussion in the Canadian blogosphere. I voted for blogs that could be critical of others and their own thinking while not resorting to name-calling. I voted for those that could invite discussion through their comments section. I know that some people moderate their comment boards and that is fine so long as they are not deleting comments that disagree with their own viewpoints. Spam and derogatory comments are fine to delete; other viewpoints need to be heard.

I didn't focus much attention on the layout of the blogs other than to decide if they are easy to navigate. I don't expect bells and whistles. I just want the basic text, pictures, and videos.

Anyway, I didn't get nominated this year. Vote for me for the best blog with a pink background next year.

All the best to everyone.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I was nominated either. But I'm new and didn't even know about these awards anyhow. Anyways, I like your pink background, its easy on the eyes.

Skinny Dipper said...

Thanks 7s. Originally, I had the pink to promote anti-bullying. I liked it so much that I kept the colour. Please don't kick any redheads. They don't have gingervitis.