Sunday, November 30, 2008

Damn Separatists!

Conservatives who are against a potential Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition should not complain about "Separatists" getting into power. When they attack the separatists, they are attacking Quebeckers. The probability is high that most voting-age Quebeckers have voted at least once for the Bloc Québécois or the Quebec provincial Parti Québécois. They should not complain to Goveror-General Michaëlle Jean because she has a lot of friends in Quebec who have voted for those two parties at least once.

To potential western separatists who may complain that they'll get ignored because westerners elected mostly Conservative candidates: That is true. However, only 44.4% of British Columbians and 48.8% of Manitobans voted Conservative. A minority of voters in both those provinces voted for Harper's party. Heck, I complain that Harper remains Canada's prime minister without the Conservatives winning one seat in Toronto. Yet, I don't ask that Toronto separate from Canada. You may want it, but it won't happen.

Harper is too arrogant to lead Canada. The opposition parties need to force him out sooner than later by forming a governing coalition.

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