Saturday, September 1, 2007

Read The NDP are cowards, what should true progressives do? by Paulitics. He makes some interesting comments on which voting systems the élites support and oppose.

One does not need to be an NDP supporter to understand why certain people are opposed to MMP. Some of their names can be found on the NO MMP website.

The who opposes MMP will matter as much as what they oppose. We need to get the voters of Ontario to understand this point.

As a sidenote: please look at my poll on which voting system you support. Check the area code where you live. I'm trying to see if there are regional differences. If you make a mistake, just change your vote or click Mistake vote. Also, send me any info on candidates supporting, opposed or neutral on MMP by leaving a message in the comment sections or by emailing me at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!


Skinny Dipper said...

Your comments were new and interesting. Glad to shout!

Steve Withers said...

In the campaign for MMP in New Zealand, a major local cartoonist (Murray Ball / "Footrot Flats") did a lovely cartoon. Wal, the farmer, is leaning up against a fence, wearing his gumboots, walk shorts, black wool singlet and broad-brimmed hat. He says: "The best to reason for vote for MMP is to look at who's against it."

The opponents of democracy do tend to be those who have sequestered power for their own advantage and they place their own party / tribe above the wider good.

*Real* party hacks....yet another of the many rich ironies in all this.