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MMP campaign has Greek, Serbian, and Tamil translations

Send me information about candidates supporting, opposing, or neutral on MMP.

It's great to see the Vote for MMP campaign having translations available in Greek, Serbian, and Tamil (sides 1 and 2) along with English and French. I'm sure the campaign organizers would love to hear from MMP supporters who can translate MMP into other languages. I did take the liberty of getting a translation done in Cockney.

MMP explained in Cockney:

It’s time ter make democracy better.

Vote for MMP

October 10ff referendum

Have yer ever voted in a ridin' that didn’t elect a candidate 'oo represented yor views?

Have yer ever voted for a knees-up yer didn’t like just ter put the mockers on a knees-up that yer liked even less?

Have yer ever avoided votin' for the Mae West local candidate because yer couldn’t support that candidate’s knees-up?

If yer said yes ter any of these questions, yor not alone. The good news is that on October 10, Ontarians will 'ave a chance ter vote in a referendum where we can choose a new provincial votin' system that will eliminate these problems.

Fairer Results

Currently, Ontario’s votin' system almost always gives one knees-up far more power than it deserves. For example, wile the winnin' knees-up might cop only 40 per cent of the votes, right, it receives 60 per cent of the bleedin' seats. This gives its leaders 100 per cent of the bleedin' power.

Because of this and uvver shortcomings of us system, right, the Ontario government recently aufforized the bloody creation of a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform ter make a recommendation on the bloody Mae West votin' system for Ontario. After seven monffs of study, right, the Assembly, a randomly chosen array of Ontarians, right, recommended that Ontario adopt a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) votin' system.

MMP blends the chuffin' Mae West aspects of us current system wiv features from proportional representation systems used in most Western democracies. MMP means more choice, fairer results, right, and stronger representation.

More Choice—one ballot, right, two votes

The new system will be simple and sensible. Yer will still vote for yor preferred local candidate just as yer do now. In addition, yer will also cast a second vote for yor preferred political knees-up, init? The chuffin' share of these votes that each knees-up wins will determine its overall share of seats in the legislature.

If after the bleedin' 90 ridin' seats are filled, a knees-up 'as fewer seats than its portion of the chuffin' knees-up vote, right, that knees-up wins some of the bloody additional 39 provincial (or at-large) seats ter ensure it 'as its fair share of the total seats. These at-large representatives are elected from provincial lists of candidates nominated by each knees-up in advance of the chuffin' election. Voters can judge these at-large candidates, as well as local candidates, right, and vote accordingly.

Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) will give Ontario voters the Mae West of boff worlds. Yer cop strong local representation and fair results, wiv knees-ups gainin' no more, and no fewer seats than they right deserve.

Here’s an example: Knees-up X gets 30 per cent of the knees-up votes, but wen ridin' results are tallied, right, they 'ave a share of seats that is 10 short of the 30 per cent of the seats they deserve. In that case, right, Knees-up X will also gain 10 at-large seats, wiv their top ten at-large candidates winnin' them seats.

Stronger Representation, because evry vote counts

Wiv MMP, boff rural and urban voters gain stronger representation. In addition ter ridin' representatives, voters can turn ter ffeir new at-large representatives for assistance. Most at-large representatives will want ter help wiv constituency work, particularly in areas where their knees-up won no ridin' seats.

MMP will also encourage more diversity in legislatures. Most knees-ups will find they win more votes if their at-large candidates list includes a good mix of bints and minorities, or them 'oo are less often elected in ridings.

Finally, right, because knees-ups will be required ter work wiv one anuvver in coalitions ter pass legislation, the system will reward cooperation, compromise and accountability in place of partisan rigidity, right, trivial bickerin' and narrow finkin'.

“The bleedin' ffree of us reflect ffree competin', democratic, right, partisan traditions in Ontario. We differ on many matters of public policy. We strongly unite, however, in us commitment ter an electoral system that is democratic in more than name. The Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform produced an imaginative and practical proposal that will give us more choice, right, fairer results and stronger representation, init? We urge all Ontarians ter come togeffer and vote for MMP in the October 10ff referendum.”

Carolyn Bennett, MP, Liberal Knees-up
Ed Broadbent, former NDP leader
Senator 'ugh Segal, right, Conservative Knees-up

Vote for MMP on October 10ff

By votin' for MMP in the bloody October 10 referendum yer can make the political system better, more accountable and fairer.

Vote for MMP

Support Us Campaign! Blimey!

Note: knees-up = party. Who says that my translation is perfect?

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097 Vaughan (NO) Liberal: Greg Sorbara

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021 Elgin-Middlesex-London (NO) Liberal: Steve Peters

035 Kenora-Rainy River (YES) NDP: Howard Hampton

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