Saturday, March 2, 2013

My ranked-ballot unscientific poll for the next federal Liberal leader

Participate in my ranked ballot poll for the next federal Liberal leader.  You may rank your choices "1, 2, 3, and so on."  You may vote once per hour.  Here is the link:  Note: the order of the candidate listed on the ballot is randomly shuffled periodically by the magical computer fairies.  I don't determine the order.


Anonymous said...

As a moderator for you might want to have a look at this post from Blunt objects;

Kyle H.March 7, 2013 at 3:34 PM

Personally, I think its about time. Atlantic Canada is an area that would seemingly work well for the NDP's ideological base - low-income, dependent on a strong central government (ostensibly to dole our cash to them), and with a tradition of blue-collar occupations and small farmers. "

The value of a 22 yr. old stating highly questionable demographics, while insulting a largely progressive voting area, and at the same time giving kudos to Prov. liberal strength, seems dubious, worthy of notice, and a word with the source.

Anonymous said...

Hateful bigot,anti-semite.
Just another left wing hater of Jews and Israel. Also an asshole.
So you're a teacher eh? Nazi!
You need to exposed as an abusive hater of Jews on linkedin.

Anonymous said...

So you hate Rob Ford?! Me too-but you are still a hater of Jews.

Anonymous said...

So you are against Rob Ford? Good-I can't stand this buffoon and bully- however you still are an anti-semite and a hater of Jews.
Hopefully Rob Ford will suffer a fatal stroke while in office.