Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Ontario election is over for me

I would like to thank Forum Research for confirming that my vote will not count in the upcoming Ontario non-democratic election.  I have tried to estimate the possible margin of error through the use of an automated telephone push-button poll.  I have concluded that my candidate and party will have no chance in winning my riding where I live.  Therefore, I will not be voting in the Ontario provincial non-democratic election.

Interactive Toronto Star Greater Toronto Area map using Forum Research data:

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Christian said...

Sorry for your predicament, SK. But thanks for the great link. I see my guy is only up by half a point, which is surprising because he has been working hard and has signs are everywhere.

Yes, I understand signs are meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but in Federal election, they were scarce. The con candidate, on the other hand swamped the riding and cruised to victory.

As an aside, would you consider voting strategically?