Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accused killer, Jared Loughner, "Christano-fascist influenced?"

I doubt that Jared Loughner who is accused of killing six people (at last count) in Tuscon, Arizona could be described as a Christian.  However, he could have been influenced by Christians who hate everything secular about the big government society of the United States of America.

Would we call someone who is white and celebrates Christmas in one way or another a Christian terrorist?  I doubt it.  People will call that person a terrorist or insane, but not a Christian terrorist.

What's wrong with Christianity?

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Anonymous said...

i identify myself with Jared; same lectures, troubles in college, social desadjustment...he doesn't facisct, just for read mein kampf? he read brave new world and 1984, thus he knows what big problem totalitarism is...therefore he is antigovernment, this is certain, but be antigovernment justifies this act? that ever happened before in oklahoma...what he want, be a hero? publicize his ideas? well he probably premeditated and why Gifford?, well she was close to him, he already knew, she carry many simbols that's he certainly hate...catch the opportunity to concern about the demonization of free manson and neither know if exist another secret societies by ultra religious people that associates their existence to demoniac plans to control world filling internet with such content making many people mad. well to a outsider of USA the new world order (the actual) began in 1945 with the victory over nazis and facists and the dollar was joint instituted world currency in the bretton woods conference. many bible revelations could be applied to the great wars period, which so many suffer caused to many people. mass murder, mass destruction, atomic bomb... well as buddhist teachings nothing is forever, the time isn't static, is in a continuous mutation, you cannot touch the same river twice...the river was changed, the man too...after Rosseau we know that didn't exists a good government, but the human isn't prepare to live without one, and the american republic, idealized for free mansons continues, at least in essence, the best model existed and more: don't let the corporations take control, the financial crise was a result of a complacent government with the corporations, people need a government made by men not by private companies