Tuesday, December 21, 2010

G20 officer charged--not his first confrontation in the weekend

Global Television court reporter, Alex Pierson, had a previous verbal confrontation with the officer who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in the alleged Queen's Park assault.  According to Ms. Pierson in an interview on Newstalk1010 CFRB, the same officer confronted Pierson because she was carrying a gas mask that had been issued by her television station.  She asked him if it was against the law to carry a gas mask.  He didn't answer the question.  However, he did take away her gas mask and G20 government issued accreditation.  She also mentioned that he was not wearing any police issued identification.

Newstalk1010 December 21st podcast should be ready the next day.  Friendly Fire with Ryan Doyle and Tarek Fata: the Alex Pierson interview takes place in the second hour.

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