Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here's a story that I left in the comment section under Norman Spector's blog

Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus were walking down Sesame Street. All of the sudden, they saw a strange character who called himself Kory Teneycke.

Standing in front of Oscar the Grouch's trash can, Big Bird asked, "What is that thing with numbers on a line, and why are you holding it against Oscar's can?"

The Teneycke replied, "It's a measuring tape, and I'm going to build a new TV news station."

Snuffy asked, "Do you want to use Oscar's trash can because your new station will be full of CRAP?"

Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus were so excited to see their new friend, Kory, that they told him to wait so that they could introduce him to their other Sesame Street friends. Away Big Bird and Snuffy went in search of others.

A few minutes later, the Sesame Street gang came back to Oscar's can. Oscar even woke up after a long miserable sleep and popped his head out of his trash can.

"Hey, what's going on?" Oscar grumbled.

Big Bird explained that he and Snuffy saw a new friend named The Teneycke. He wanted to use Oscar's can for a new TV news station. It would be called, "Sun TV News."

Oscar shouted, "I don't like anything that has a sun in it! I don't like that CRAP! There won't be any Sun TV News crap in my trash can! I only accept good crap--not crappy news CRAP!"

Big Bird shouted, "Kory! Where are you? My friends want to meet you!"

The Teneycke didn't appear. Except for Mr. Snuffleupagus, none of Big Bird's Sesame Street friends believed that Big Bird had a new friend. He must have been using his imagination.

Disappointed, Big Bird decided to head to his bird's nest. As he opened the side door, he discovered that his nest was missing. Instead, new arena seats and an ice rink were installed. Would Big Bird's home be the new home of the [new] Quebec Nordiques?

This episode has been brought to you by the letters, K, T, and by the category 2.

The Globe and Mail: Norman Spector: The real deal behind Fox News North

See page 54 of the latest comment section.


ck said...

Bravo! Bravo! (Standing ovation) I loved it.

you know, I always liked to create my own adult disfunctional versions of Sesame Street. Except mine had more of a Sopranos meets the god Father theme to it!

Skinny Dipper said...

Elmo loves the Sopranos!