Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Select the next governor-general of Canada

Have fun selecting the next governor-general of Canada.

We have some fine canadidates.  In no particular order, they include Skinny Dipper, Balbulican, Louise Arbour, Graham Fraser, Dr. Dawg, Rick Hansen, Joe Clark, Frank McKenna, Bobby Orr, Paul Henderson, Wayne Gretzky, Betty Fox, and a category for Someone Else.

This is a rank-order ballot with one person to be selected.  Rank your ballot choices 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Enjoy!  The results are on-going.  You may vote once per day.



Skinny Dipper said...

I'm not displaying the GG vote anymore due to a lack of interest. So far, it's a tie between me and Louise Arbour.

Anonymous said...

Hey Skinny Dipper,

How about Janke Or Taylor for GG.

After all they did a great service to the nation by bringing us the blogging tories.

How about Rob Anders?

Maybe Mike Harris.

In all seriousness though, I like Hanson, or Bobby Orr.

Skinny Dipper said...

I might accept, Janke or Taylor. I think I would join the Talibananas if Anders or Harris became the GG. Bobby Orr would be interesting. Rick Hansen could be a good choice. I would find it more interesting if we had one or more of the Hanson Brothers as the GG. We might get full contact debates and Question Periods with the Hanson Brothers as our GGs. It would be like Taiwan.

Then again, we could have the other Hanson brothers. Doo Wop!

Anonymous said...

Hey Skinny Dipper,

How about Mike Duffy?

Now there would be a laugh and a half.

Every where we sent him, people would be hiding the fridge.

That guy would put an all you can eat buffet out of business.

If Harper is looking for something in his own image, Duffy would be perfect.

Two fat and ugly turds.

Anonymous said...

The Next Governor General of Canada

The next Governor General of Canada should be who, or what?

Not a schlemiel like Bob Rae, that hoary putz, who kicked our Province in the nutz and then strove for PM that pretentious klutz, That man who would be king.

How about a reverse-racist like Arnold Minors, for whom political correctness is locked in stasis and who refuses to understand that to combat racists one must stop being racist themselves. To the moon with this poltroon, who would kill those who are king.

Consider the lovely Susan Ng, that harpy who once, in lieu of reason, declared an open season on our boys in blue and for a while threw The baby of peace and order to the bathwater wolves, who inevitably bring chaos and decay to the land of the king.

Do not forget the great Mike Harris, who rising like a shining knight did implore us To raise the banner of commonsense against the blight of mindlessness. In that darkest of nights, when delusional socialism corrupted right, Mike Harris did bring, Justice again to the land of the king.

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