Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Globe and Mail thinks a mixed PR (Parallel) voting system is best for BC. I disagree!

The Globe and Mail has an editorial explaining why some sort of mixed proportional-representation system (Parallel Voting) is better for British Columbians than the proposed Single Transferable Voting system. I wish I could agree if I could add that only men of at least 30 years of age with net property assets of $100,000 can vote using the Parallel Voting system.

Come on!

I can't understand why The Globe and Mail would suggest that British Columbians reject the BC-STV voting system which 58% of them supported in the 2005 election and go with a half-proportional voting system that is sort-of-similar in structure but way less proportional than the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system that 38% of Ontarians supported in the Ontario's 2007 referendum on voting reform. MMP is a great highly proportional voting system. Unfortunately, the opponents of proportional representation exploited the list issue by stating that the political party "hacks" in Toronto would choose the candidates that would get on the party lists. While this was false, people living outside Toronto believed this line of thinking.

If British Columbians were to vote on The Globe and Mail's suggested mixed PR Parallel Voting system, the opponents of proportional representation would exploit the list issue again. The would falsely state that the party lists would be created by party elite hacks who come from Victoria and Vancouver. Why would the people of Dawson Creek or Prince Rupert support a mixed PR Parallel Voting system that the opponents state would give voters less say over electing their members of the legislative assembly?

The Globe and Mail's hidden suggestion that BC voters reject BC-STV and wait to vote for some crappy Parallel Voting system is really a way to keep the antiquated First-Past-the-Post voting system in perpetuity. The Globe and Mail seems to prefer to keep power centralized in the premier's office with the leader and his/her inner staff having total power over the people of British Columbia. If British Columbians want better representation and a stronger voice in the legislative assembly, support BC-STV in the referendum on May 12. If BCers want to support some sort of Parallel Voting system, do so after one or two BC-STV elections. The people won't get a chance to change the voting system if less than 60% of the people support BC-STV this time. It will mean keeping the antiquated First-Past-the-Post voting system in perpetuity.

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