Thursday, February 12, 2009

ETFO and Reg. 298

ETFO president, David Clegg. is telling the truth about teachers in some of the French public and separate Catholic schools having to be in their classes 15 minutes before school starts to meet the students.

From ETFO:

This week we received the following excerpt from a newsletter sent home to parents from the French Board in Peel: "Beginning Jan 5, we will use new procedures for morning entry. Students will go directly to their classrooms after leaving the bus. Teachers will be in their classrooms from 9:05 to welcome students so they are ready to work when the bell goes at 9:20."

From an École élémentaire Carrefour des jeunes newsletter in Brampton:

"Notre premier changement pour 2009 a consisté à faire entrer les élèves dès leur arrivée à l’école le matin. En effet, dorénavant tous les élèves entrent à l’intérieur à 9h05 et de cette façon nous débutons la journée dès la première cloche soit à 9h20."

Google Translation:

"Our first change for 2009 was to bring the students when they arrive at school in the morning. Indeed, now all students entering inside at 9.05 am and this way we begin the day from the first bell is at 9:20."

There is no guarantee that ETFO translated this particular message from the school mentioned above, the gist is that this school has changed its entry procedure which now requires its teachers to supervise their students 15 minutes before the school day starts. ETFO is correct in asserting that French and Catholic teachers' unions which settled with their boards a few months ago are now required to supervise their students up to an extra 100 minutes per week (15 minutes before school starts in the morning and five minutes before afternoon classes commence).

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