Saturday, May 24, 2008

Make Second September "Stand Up Against Bullying Day"

Last year, the government of Nova Scotia decided to make the second Thursday at the start of each school year Stand Up Against Bullying Day after hearing about students who wore pink to support one of their male classmates who wore pink to school one day and was bullied by other students.

In Ontario, the second Thursday of the school year occurs on the second Thursday after Labour Day. This year, September 11 will be the date that students can take part in anti-bullying activities at their schools. Wearing pink by both boys and girls is one symbolic step that students can take to stop or at least reduce bullying among their peers. I encourage all elementary and secondary schools to take part in their own Stand Up Against Bullying Day on September 11. Each school can create activities for different grades that focus on one or more aspects of bullying.

Bullies, the bullied, and bystanders come in all shapes and sizes. They are your enemies; they are even your friends.

Wear pink on Stand Up Against Bullying Day this September 11.


runiteking1 said...

Here in my high school, wearing pink isn't much of a problem due to a fact that one of the most popular school club's t-shirt color is pink.

Also, some people in our school percieve that wearing pink is a symbol of a strong sense of masculanity in yourself...

I must say that in wearing pink in America on Sept. 11 is not the brightest idea anymore after the Twin Tower attack.

p.s. I hardly buy chocolate now-a-days so I don't know what the price is.

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Skinny Dipper said...

I'll agree that September 11 is not the best numerical date to have an anti-bullying event. I am reminded of an occurance where a father lost his son due to a shooting at a high school. The father got tired of hearing stories about parts of schools and restaurants such as McDonald's being torn down because people got shot in those places. The father, who was also a church minister, wanted his son's fellow students to take back control of their school--especially the location where his son was shot.

I will say that taking back September 11 is one way we can get on with our lives. I do remember the day very well in 2001. While I can't forget the Twin Towers attack, I do want to make September 11 as normal as possible. If that date is still too troubling to have an anti-bullying day, then maybe the 12th is a possibility for schools to participate in such an event.

As a sidenote, since spring has come in this northern barren land of mine, I do notice more males of all ages wearing pink this year. One young seven year old who wore pink commented, "Strong, men, aren't, afraid, to, wear, pink!" Beautifully expressed.

I'll take a look at your blogroll suggestion and add your name to my new blogroll when I get it set up.